UPDATE: I have joined Fl-Cure www.fl-cure.com. I would encourage anyone who wants to be active in prison reform and advocating for inmates to join.

I am going to try and meet with more representatives regarding issues of incarcerated women in Florida.  I need stories from former inmates and families.  If we don't speak up nothing will change.  You can make it anonymous if you feel more comfortable.  You can email me at kjoc50@outlook.com.  I did meet with Rep. Amber Mariano's aid (she was unable to attend) and it was a very productive conversation.  She said that prison reform is long overdo.  I left a "presentation" binder with concerns from former inmates, inmates and families.  I will be mailing out these binders.  The sections are My Story and Other Thoughts,  Articles on Florida Prisons, Prisons in Other Countries (progressive), Medical, Food, Former Inmate Experiences, Inmate Concerns, Inmate Stories, Family Stories and Thank You (cards sent to me from inmates in appreciation of packages and so forth). 

If you need to advocate for your loved one at Lowell Correctional Institute I have found that emailing the warden (hope.gartman@fdc.myflorida.com) Julie Jones (julie.jones@fdc.myflorida.com) and Brian Riedl (the regional director) at brian.riedl@fdc.myflorida.com  has gotten me results.  The most important thing is to state your issue as clearly and politely as you can.  You can find out the email addresses for your facility at the FL DOC website.

Rep. Richardson of the Miami area district has been advocating for prison reform.  His email address is david.richardson@myfloridahouse.gov .

Also, I talked to Senator Perry's aid and you can email concerns to Senator Perry perry.keith@flsenate.gov . He recently went to Lowell C.I.

If you want to find out what Criminal Justice Bills are going through Congress right now here is the link:   www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bills/2017


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