Revolution of Love

I wrote this after my daughter's sentencing.

This page is for inmates who have sent letters and drawings in appreciation.

Dorm thank you for TV  

I just had to share this.  I care so much for these women.  Yeadra is indigent and is one of the women who needs help with toiletries, etc.  My eldest daughter and I were able to get her a 100.00 fall package which she has already thanked us for.

This day and every day,
Let us pray,
For those largely forgotten and locked away,
“They’re just criminals” some folks say,
But many of us know better than that,
We know that all have potential, every last “cat”,
We know too that thousands are actually innocent, don't belong there at all,
Yet there they sit, behind those horrid cement walls,
“Cat”; that’s a slang term from the ‘60s, when the criminal justice system worked well,
But today it is a train wreck, and our prisons are a living hell,
Pray that God’s grace touches every forgotten soul behind bars,
For they are someone’s son, daughter, etc. … and some are ours.
God reminds us that this is what we should do,
True today, true tomorrow, always this will be true!