All donations will go to helping incarcerated women in Florida.

(I am not as of yet a non-profit) 

"The greatest gift we can give others is the gift of unconditional love and acceptance."


Recreational Equipment Needed!
Lowell Main just opened a new Wellness Center and need recreational equipment like weights, Zumba Cd's, dodge balls, soccer balls, yoga mats, puzzles, games, colored pencils, coloring books and so forth.

6 4inx6in Cards with Envelopes
(these are not folded cards)
Designed by an inmate  2.95

For the next couple of months we are asking for donations of toiletry items for a facility of your choice.  Indigent women can hotel size bar soap and toilet paper.  They do not get shampoo or lotions.  You can go to the Dollar Store or you can order from Amazon.  Toiletries are badly needed at this time especially at Lowell.


Florida DOC has no funding for recreation.  When my daughter was first incarcerated (Lowell Annex) she went to the Wellness Center to see what was available to do and they basically had nothing.  Inmates were putting together old puzzles where the picture had worn off, the one basketball was only partially inflated and they had volleyball nets but no volleyballs.  They did have some exercise classes but not a lot of equipment.  The Wellness Center is always in need of donations and you can either send a donation via Amazon or if you have some games, puzzles etc. that you want to donate you can download a Donation Form, fill it out and send it with your donation.

DONATIONS NEEDED:  This is a list from the Wellness Center at Lowell of needed donations, but all the facilities always need games, puzzles, toiletries, things for kids at visitation. 


footballs,  soccer balls,  tennis balls,  basketballs,  volleyballs 



12 pack colored pencils,  simple designs adult coloring books,  large net bag to put balls in

If you order from Amazon, you do not need a Donation Form.  Send it to the facility with Assistant Warden of Programs on the second line of the address.  You can send the donation to:

Ms. Pippin, Assistant Warden of Programs

Lowell Correctional Facility

11120 NW Gainesville Rd

Ocala, FL  34653


There are many indigent women who have no monetary support on the outside and need the basics like soap, shampoo, deodorant and so forth.  They get one small hotel bar of soap each month and no shampoo or deoderant.  They have to wait for donations to come in every 90 days which there are not very many of.  A lot of times the donations are hotel size shampoos that need to last for 90 days.  You can go to the Dollar Tree and fill up a small box and send it with a Donation Form.  The forms for each facility are on the Facilities page.


Reading is a good pastime for the women and donating novels or self-help books is always appreciated. You can also send books directly to inmates through Barnes and Noble.  Magazine subscriptions are especially appreciated and very reasonably priced.  I send my daughter National Geographic and the Yoga Journal.  There are many magazine subscriptions you can get on Amazon or on any magazine subscription website.

6 4inx6in Cards with Envelopes
(these are not folded cards)
Designed by an inmate  2.95