"We endure because we have no choice. Each day makes you stronger, wiser, and increases our ability to deflect the negativity and manipulation being thrown at you from every direction. Unfortunately we are not rehabilitated we are conditioned."

Facebook Posts

"Just the tip of the iceberg ladies. I was on the Annex when the girls were forced to shovel human feces. Inside grounds was told they would not be given gloves or masks and if they didn't comply with orders it was a refusal to work DR. The baptismal pool was backing up as well as the civilian sinks in viso. They shut visitation down that weekend. There's a sinkhole on the compound behind S dorm that affects the waste system. Mattresses infested with bedbugs, mites, spiders ants, and every other creepy crawly is a "normal" occurrence."

We used to flood the warden with inmate request forms every time it happened. They would threaten us with lock for inciting a riot. When the system goes down they are stuck inside that dorm with no ventilation. The high efficiency geothermal system they installed a decade ago is a complete joke. They don't even have anyone on maintenance staff that understands how a water cooled system operates let alone how to fix it. The summer I lived in P dorm (culinary dorm) with no A/C was torture. We used to wet our hair, shirts and feet and sit on the concrete as it was the lowest and coolest place in the building. The officers would tell us through the flap it wasn't their problem, the air in our bubble works fine.

"Well, if it isn't one thing it's another. A Sarge went to Echo dorm-the condemned asbestos dorm filled with old mattresses and stuff. Put on a mask and gloves and hauled out old mattresses from that dorm and took them down to the Annex and made inmates (inside grounds) scrub them without masks or gloves. One girl's arms were red and had a rash. On what planet would you think that is ok. Even tho the mattresses have plastic on them there were holes in them where mice burrow and bugs and rats and all sorts of awful things."

These are from Facebook posts in different prison groups about Lowell C. I. in Ocala, Florida

"7 years later and I still wake up in a panic from the nightmares endured and witnessed at Lowell CI , personally and also just watching the abuse against others and FEELING helpless to save any of us as the greatest battle I faced was GETTING THE FUCK OUTA THERE ALIVE....ummm cause thats NOT A GIVEN how f....up is that?? Yeah I pray for ALL of our healing but the kids OMG NO CHILD SHOULD EVER SEE THE INSIDE OF LCI or any Adult prison....Type your paragraph here."

"I had major neck surgery in October of 2012. I was in the hospital for 5 days. I was taken back to Lowell and they refused to give me anything stronger than Ibuprofen. I went through steroid injections into my neck without being knocked out. All of DOC medical is a joke. I suffer to this day. I have a screw backing out of the plate that their doctor put in and I have swallowing problems. There is no neurosurgeon who will see me or touch me because my surgery was done through DOC.Type your paragraph here."

I spent 2 summers in N dorm (elderly, handicapped, wheel chairs and terminally ill dorm) with no A/C as well. Staff infections were rampant. The conditions were deplorable! Elderly inmates in diapers in 90° dorms with zero ventilation. And just when you think it can't get any worse they would do water restrictions or tell us we couldn't drink the water and haul in igloo kegs twice a day if we were lucky. I still don't understand how this is legal? You can't leave animals in conditions like that what makes it okay for human beings to be left in those conditions?

"I pray that something is actually done this time for women in that hell hole... I was there from feb. 2017 to June 2018 and I was pregnant for 7 of my 18 months there and that place is truly despicable. Very horrible " Medical care"... Living conditions... Treatment... I was in Delta dorm (the pregnant dorm) and it was over run with bugs, scabies that they refused to treat (eventually quarantined the dorm several times)... No ac, condemned dorms full of mold that inmates are forced to breathe... They didn't care until the "higher ups" Would do inspection and then they rode our asses to clean it, threatening confinement or worse if we spoke up... I worked in the kitchen after I had my baby and they made us work 10-11 hours and threatened confinement if we were sick and couldn't work a day, I had the flu and was throwing up and still forced to work... I had my baby at 35 weeks because they refused to let high risk pregnant women rest. I was there for the 3 days when the water went out and they forced us to clean shit out of the toilets pregnant, couldn't shower, in a 100 degree dorm... Most (not all) but most of the CO would degrade us and put us down, calling us whores or bitches. They withhold mail as punishment and do mass punishment if one inmate got out of hand... I hope that they do something for the women who are forced to live like animals... Animals are treated better than what Lowell treats inmates...oh and let me add that when I was in the infirmary for a couple weeks, there was an older woman who could not move or walk and she would scream for hours in pain while they ignored her or was downright mean to her, left her sitting in her diapers for hours after she had Deficated, wouldn't bathe her... The poor woman eventually died, she was terminal but they didn't make it any easier on her... I tried helping her a few times and they jumped down my throat. Please help these women."

"I was there at the time as well when Inmates were forced to shovel the feces at Annex... It stunk to high heaven!!! It was near the Chapel and then we had major plumbing problems in M Dorm. Had to flush toilets with water from cleaning closet and was reprimanded by CO and closet was locked for almost all the time"